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At the Center for Private Sector Health Initiatives, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in developing countries, particularly those at the "base of the pyramid," by facilitating beneficial partnerships between the public and private sectors—both for-profit, commercial entities, and non-governmental actors—to provide health information, services, and products that are affordable, accessible, and of high quality.


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We foster cross-sector partnerships that create and expand markets for health products and services through our leadership, technical assistance, and strategic investments. Read more about our services.


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We design and implement effective strategies that leverage public and private sector resources to address reproductive health; maternal and child healthnutrition; and the prevention of HIV/AIDSmalaria, and water-borne diseases.


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Our projects across Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean create capacity and build sustainable public-private partnerships to improve the lives of millions of people. Read more about our projects.