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GGMS Hosts USAID General Counsel

FHI 360's Ghar Ghar Maa Swasthya (GGMS), or Healthy Homes, project and its partner Nepal CRS Company (CRS) co-hosted Lisa Gomer, Head of USAID's General Counsel Office, on her visit to Nepal to observe the implementation of the USAID Forward strategy, an ambitious reform effort to change the way the Agency does business - with new partnerships, an emphasis on innovation and local capability. CRS is a leading social marketing agency in Nepal with a portfolio of 13 public health products that it markets in all 75 districts of the country. USAID has funded CRS since 1978.

FHI 360 has provided technical assistance to CRS since 2006, and facilitated CRS' graduation in 2010 from subcontractor to direct recipient of USAID funding. Under GGMS, FHI 360 is working with CRS to make the social marketing organization more independent, sustainable, and less dependent on USAID funding and support.

Ms. Gomer expressed positive remarks on CRS' progress in improving its internal systems, aligning its organizational structure and enhancing its staff's capacity - all with FHI 360 support. She also highlighted that the modality of work between FHI 360 and CRS is in line with USAID's focus on strengthening the local private sector's capacity to improve aid effectiveness and sustainability. FHI 360 continues to work with CRS to address its capacity development needs.

Posted April 2012

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