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India Asia POUZN water purification Uttar Pradesh CPSHI helps create and successfully market value-added health products and services. We support cross-sector partnerships through our leadership, technical assistance, and strategic investments in areas such as:

  • Conducting consumer research to develop and test health products and messages, and to measure impact
  • Conducting market research around:
    • product/supply/distribution;
    • pricing/affordability;
    • place/distribution;
    • promotion/demand and appropriate use of health products and services.
  • Developing high impact, culturally appropriate behavior change, education, and promotional campaigns around health issues, products, and services
  • Sustaining the marketing and delivery of public health products and services without the need for perpetual donor investment in social marketing campaigns and commodity procurements
  • Increasing sales of products to new market segments through demand generation, improved distribution, targeted subsidy including voucher programs, and improved business planning
  • Building public sector, non-profit organization, and commercial capacity to manage health programs that capitalize on the strengths of the private sector to deliver public health products, services, and information
  • Facilitating technology transfers to local manufacturers for innovative or niche products or processes
  • Developing innovative financing schemes to improve the uptake of health products and services by the consumer as well as ensure profitability for the private sector
  • Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and marketing functions
  • Establishing a more favorable business environment through policy and advocacy