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Our Approach

CPSHI assists the private sector with practical tools for identifying the needs of consumers at the “base of the pyramid,” high-risk groups, and other vulnerable populations. We look at both supply and demand issues. We develop programs to ensure that products, services, and information are delivered to the "last mile" while putting in place strategies and tactics that help change risky health behaviors and practices. Our projects also tackle difficult policy challenges that enable better project outcomes.

Our Model

Full Market Impact™ graphic

CPSHI has developed an evolved social marketing approach to achieve "total market" development for essential healthcare products and services while creating sustainable health impact in areas such as HIV/AIDS, family planning/reproductive health, malaria, and maternal and child health. We call it the Full Market Impact™ (FMI™) model.

FMI™ provides the framework for our public-private partnerships and our programs. The FMI™ approach engages multiple partners from the commercial sector, non-government organizations, and the public sector in an integrated, holistic process that addresses supply, promotion, distribution, and affordability. We adhere to the principle of “joint risk, joint investment” whereby we use donor support to offset the risk of for-profit businesses to, for example, launch a new consumer product in an untested market, or help prime a market by creating or increasing demand for health products and services.