MAPS Sponsors Diagnostics Training in Partnership with IMaD

The Malaria Action Program for States (MAPS), in collaboration with IMaD, sponsored a Malaria Microscopy Accreditation Course (MMAC) to encourage early diagnosis and effective treatment in the fight against malaria. The workshop took place in Lagos in October 2011 for 24 participants from six states where MAPS is active, as well delegates from the National Malaria Control Programme, The Central Public Health Laboratory, and the University of Lagos. The University of Lagos/WHO-TDR Centre also provided support for this event.

This program is essential to the MAPS mission in that it increases the prevalence of the accurate diagnosis of the malaria parasite. Currently, clinical diagnosis has poor accuracy, leading to over-diagnosis of malaria, mistreatment of other illnesses and wasting anti-malaria drugs. The MMAC course aims to certify microscopy workers, working towards a diagnosis service that is consistently accurate and timely enough to have a direct impact on treatment. 

Participants, primarily representatives from State hospitals, gained certification by reviewing 55 diagnosis slides in order to reach a higher level in malaria microscopy detection. MAPS is supporting certification programs to increase the number of microscopists throughout Nigeria, with the hope of having at least one certified microscopist to lead a Quality Assurance program in each MAPS state.

Posted December 2011