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POUZN facilitates "Zinc Champions" conference in Pune, India

During August, AED POUZN Director Camille Saadé traveled to Pune, India with Johns Hopkins professor and renowned zinc researcher, Dr. Sunil Sazawal, to attend and lead the "Zinc Champions" conference sponsored by Emcure Pharmaceuticals. The conference was planned and arranged by Emcure's corporate office with considerable input and guidance from Mr. Saadé and POUZN's India Country Director, Deepak Saksena. Dr. Sazawal attended the conference at the request of POUZN and served as the keynote speaker and discussion leader along with Rajiv Tandon from the USAID India office. The conference attracted over 35 leading pediatricians from across the country and focused on discussing the use of zinc as a preventative measure and treatment for diarrhea with the goal that each pediatrician would leave the conference and return to their home regions as advocates for the use of zinc. Moderated discussions between the pediatricians and Dr. Sazawal produced a functional "tool-kit" that the doctors could use to persuade their patients and colleagues about the benefits of zinc.

Posted August 2006

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