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Camille Saadé

Camille Saadé

Senior Project Director, and Director, Strategic Partnerships

Camille Saadé manages several health projects that involve the active participation of the private sector in mutually beneficial partnerships. In his role as Director of Strategic Partnerships, he developed and led the implementation of a public-private partnership model that aimed to mobilize the commercial sector in mutually beneficial partnerships for sustainable public health interventions—such as the prevention of malnutrition, malaria and childhood illness, promotion of correct health behaviors, hygiene education, safe drinking water and sanitation, and the supply and demand for appropriate treatments. Mr. Saadé managed the POUZN project which aimed to introduce zinc treatment along with ORT for the treatment of childhood diarrhea, based on a public-private partnership approach. Mr. Saadé also served on the NetMark Project's Technical Advisory Group and has done considerable work with the Hygiene Improvement Project (HIP), and presently advises its follow up project WashPlus on public-private partnership strategies. Before AED (now FHI 360), Mr. Saadé spent 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry in different marketing and management positions in several international operations with Johnson & Johnson, Upjohn, and Schering-Plough. He has taught a course in Social Marketing at Boston University since 1997. He holds a degree in Sociology from the École Supérieure des Lettres, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration from St. Joseph University, both in Beirut, Lebanon. He is fluent in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish, and is conversant in Greek and Italian.


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