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T-MARC Pilots Sustainable CBD Model

DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – T-MARC commenced an innovative community based distributors (CBD) pilot program in March with the goals of reducing the risk of HIV infection, increasing brand recognition, and measuring the effectiveness of the CBD model, called the Mshauri Program. In contrast to a traditional CBD model that uses volunteers linked to government-run facilities to distribute free health products, the Mshauri Program links community-based agents, dubbed “Washauris,” to private sector clinics. Washauris, in turn, will sell T-MARC branded health products at a subsidized price, generating a small income. The Washauris are also provided with branded bicycles. By providing transportation and allowing Washauris to generate a modest income, this innovative CBD model works to encourage Washauris to stay in the program, reducing the costly turnover rate which typically plagues CBD programs.

To officially launch the Washauris program, T-MARC conducted three trainings in March in Dodoma, Tarime and Senderema. A total of 120 Washauri were trained and equipped with supplies.

This innovative CBD model was developed by T-MARC through a collaborative processes with various stakeholders, including the Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Pathfinder, GTZ, and its key local partner, the Private Nurses and Midwives Association of Tanzania (PRINMAT). These meetings and background research informed the design of a sustainable CBD model. The results of the Mshauri pilot are expected within the next six months.

T-MARC is currently implementing the initiative through its partnership with PRINMAT, which provides low cost reproductive health services to women in very rural parts of Tanzania. PRINMAT clinics are distributors of T-MARC’s branded oral contraceptive pill, Flexi P. T-MARC and PRINMAT will also be partnering with AED’s C-CHANGE Project, which works to address the behavioural and attitudinal barriers to reducing the transmission of HIV.

Posted April 2010

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